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Abilene cart.JPG (40844 bytes)

Abilene's Gun Cart made from a Home Depot hand truck, some scrap wood, and an old nightstand.

Dangerous Dick Dallas guncart1.jpg (19092 bytes)   Dangerous Dick Dallas guncart2.jpg (25845 bytes)

Cart Belonging to Dangerous Dick Dallas

RussNHoundcart 1.jpg (48108 bytes)   RussNHoundcart 2.jpg (57314 bytes)

Backstrap Bill's Take-Down Cart Built From Russ N. Hounds Plans.

Short Barrel cart3.jpg (147514 bytes)   Short Barrel cart5.jpg (151956 bytes)

Short Barrel's Cart

4coach01.jpg (22207 bytes) breakfastcart018.jpg (29700 bytes) 7s.jpg (19047 bytes)

These are some carts that I've found pictures of on the Internet.  If you recognize one of them as yours, email me and I'll identify the picture.  Just wanted to include them here 'cause I thought they were slicker than greasy BBs.

Thanks to Rocky Rivers, we now know the buckboard was built by Amos T.  it now belongs to Lazarus Man.  The Concord coach was the next project of Amos T.  it was built using the original blue prints from the State Archives in Concord, N.H.

HooterHunterCART1.jpg (28005 bytes)

Hooter Hunter's modified Radio Flyer wagon nicknamed "Hooter Mobile IIB"

Old Rem Gun Cart 2a.jpg (25645 bytes)

Old Rem's Creation.  The finish is Milk Paint reduced to stain consistency then over-coated with Tung Oil.

Red Rock Drifter GunCart5.jpg (18501 bytes)   Red Rock Drifter GunCart6.jpg (17360 bytes)

Red Rock Drifter's cart with a unique holder for the Double Barrel.

Handsome Jack Leadspreader cart.jpg (20612 bytes)   Handsome Jack Leadspreader cart2.jpg (21093 bytes)

This cart belongs to
Handsome Jack Leadspreader.

Cactus Chris snapshot.jpg (21737 bytes)

Here's one made by Cactus Cris.  If you need a cart, you can contact Cris at cactuscris@cox.net

Mvc-001f.jpg (72020 bytes)   Mvc-002f.jpg (73354 bytes)

A couple shots of my cart.  Flatbed wagon from Northern Equipment with the body made from rough cut cedar.

Blue Cannoncart.jpg (21097 bytes)

This here cart is one made by Blue Cannon.  Believe he even sells these critters.  You can contact him at Blue4440@aol.com

Cactus Chris 2 snapshot.jpg (22449 bytes)

Cactus Cris says this one will break down small enough to fit in the trunk of a car.  I believe ole Chris sells these too, so if you want to, contact him at cactuscris@cox.net

Despardo Cart.jpg (48527 bytes)

Desperado's Cart

Grandpa Buck Cart.jpg (48493 bytes)

Grandpa Buck's Cart

Griz Cart.jpg (48649 bytes)

Cart Belonging to Griz

Sheriff Moses Cart.jpg (48670 bytes) Cart Belonging to Sheriff Moses.
Sheriff Moses is with a CAS club in Hill City, Kansas. 
Click Here to check out their web site. 
Arizona Reject Cart.jpg (48646 bytes) Arizona Reject's Cart
Bones Cart.jpg (48518 bytes) This one belongs to Bones
guncart12mata.jpg (25386 bytes)   guncart4SC.jpg (26630 bytes)
guncart6wag.jpg (28291 bytes)
   guncart7.jpg (18491 bytes)
guncart9cone.jpg (23611 bytes)
These are some more carts which I have found by roaming the web.  Some of these had identifying marks and if you would like the cart identified as yours, just drop me an email and I'll fix it up, but I didn't want to identify the owners without permission.